How to ask for a recommendation letter

So you want to ask for a recommendation letter. How do you go about it? Here are some tips from a few professors and lecturers at different institutions!


By Rosalie Bélanger-Rioux: "When you get out of university, or even sooner if you look for an internship or a summer job, you might be asked by employers or graduate schools to provide a letter of recommendation. Such letters are most often written by a professor at your school, in order to attest to your interest, knowledge and skills." Read more here.

By Brendan Kelly: "If you have a specific question about how to move forward, you should approach an advisor, a faculty member, or someone in your advising network. People are eager to help." Read more here.

By Jessica Lin: "Students should inform their letter writers about what happens!" Read more here.

By Jacob Lurie: "To get a good letter of recommendation, you'll want to be sure that your letter-writer has a chance to get to know you." Read more here.

By Hiro Lee Tanaka: "You want a letter from somebody who is actually familiar with you, and who can write about the kinds of things that your evaluators will be looking for. But how do you know whether someone knows you?" Read more here.

By Adrian Vetta: "Here's advice on who to ask to get a strong letter, and expectations of people who will read the letter." Read more here.

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