Identifying and Managing Microaggressions in the Academic Setting

Presentation Date: 

Thursday, January 16, 2020


Joint Math Meetings in Denver Colorado.

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MAA Workshop at the Joint Math Meetings.
Organized by Semra Kiliç-Bahi, Colby-Sawyer College and Omayra Ortega, Sonoma State University.
Abstract: After a brief literature review and theoretical framing presented by Dr. Rosalie Belanger-Rioux and Dr. Lynn Garrioch, workshop participants will be formed into small groups and presented with short case studies in which microaggressions occur. The small group discussions will be followed by a facilitated large group discussion where groups will share the strategies on how to manage and mitigate those microaggressions.
This session is sponsored by the Joint Committee on Women in Mathematical Sciences, MAA Committee on the Participation of Women in Mathematics, Committee on the Minority Participation in Mathematics, and the National Association of Mathematicians.

More details:

The slides and handout are attached --- communicate with me if you are interested in a guide document we put together for the small group facilitators.

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