Courses at McGill

Winter 2021

Math 263: Ordinary Differential Equations for engineers

Fall 2020

Math 133: Linear Algebra and Geometry

Winter 2020

Math 315: Ordinary Differential Equations

Fall 2019

Math 133: Linear Algebra and Geometry

Math 262: Intermediate Calculus


Advice on how to be succesful in math courses

Here's a video with some advice on how to study in university, and in math courses in particular. I made this interview with a Harvard student when I worked there. I thought McGill students might find a lot of this advice useful too! (Math 1b at Harvard is basically integral calculus, or calculus 2.) And here are some more tips!


Past Formal Teaching

See links on the left for classes I have taught in the past, at Harvard and MIT.


Informal Teaching

I also like to do other kinds of teaching than my formal classes! See other links on the left for more info.